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Individual tonne values were calculated mid-October 2017 using KitcoCasey Rocks in the Box Calculator found at www.kitco.com.  In calculating the value of 1 tonne of Rottenstone ore no credits were given for the cobalt (Co), and the rare PGE’s occurring at Rottenstone. Also; all values are calculated in US$ and on assumed 100% recovery of each metal. Note average production grade at Voisey’s Bay; 1.61%Ni & 0.85%Cu; Sudbury, 1.21%Ni, 1.08%Cu + 1.17 g/t Pt; Rabbit Lake, 0.61% U3O8 and Goldcorp Red Lake, 19.47 g/t Au.

The Table below compares the value in US$ of one (1) tonne of Rottenstone ore vs. other similar type ore bodies occurring in Canada (Raglan, Sudbury and Voisey’s Bay[I1] ). A Canadian gold deposit is included purely for US$/tonne comparison. At the metal prices used in the Table  (October 2017), 1,000,000 tonnes of Rottenstone-type ore could potentially have an in situ value of US$900,000,000. A 100,000 tonne deposit could potentially have an in situ value of US$ 90,000,000. The extremely high grade and high density (Specific Gravity of 3.3) of Rottenstone ore dictates that not a large number of tonnes are required to create value.

Mine tailings at the Rottenstone mine cover an area approximately 80 meters x 65 meters. Channel samples collected at the surface of the mine tailings (Uravan, 1998) averaged a combined 2.54 g/t (Pt+Pd+Au). It is very difficult to speculate the actual amount of tails (tonnes) occurring at Rottenstone; however, the potential in situ value of these tailings cannot be ignored.  

US$/Tonne Value Comparisons to Rottenstone Ore

Rottenstone Canadian Mining Comparatives