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Since acquiring the Rottenstone property and associated data, Fathom has focused on defining a “Rottenstone Fingerprint” through re-evaluation of drill core and additional drill core sampling, thorough and detailed compilation, re-interpretation of geologic, geophysical and geochemical data dating back to 1954, and in addition; all compiled data is now in a common datum (NAD83 Zone 13).

In the fall 2015, Fathom commissioned Moose Mountain Technical Services to do an internal (43-101 non-compliant) Scoping Study on a concept of 200,000 tonnes of Rottenstone historic grade remaining at the Rottenstone deposit; the economics of which proved to be very robust.  

In March 2016, Fathom drilled 11 holes (467m) within the immediate surrounds of the Rottenstone Mine to collect representative host and country rock to the Rottenstone deposit, to test for the extension of the Rottenstone deposit to south, north, northeast and to depth below the Rottenstone pit floor. Furthermore, holes were drilled for the purpose of collecting sufficient sample for Metallurgical bench testing and to collect and assay a vertical section of Rottenstone Mine tailings.  

Using the compilation data discussed above along with Fathom drilling results, a 3 Dimensional model has been constructed. The model is inclusive of all historical drilling data, geochemical data and geophysical data. Inverted geophysical data has allowed for the inclusion of 3D Voxels within the model. The model will prove to be a powerful tool in designing future surface geology, geochemical and possible geophysical programs along with the design of future drilling programs.      

Current Activity